Market Genie

We provide trainings and Workshops for :
A) Stock Markets Basics

    Financial Markets (Money market, Capital market, Fixed Income market)
    Introduction to Stock Markets
    Types of stocks
    Primary and Secondary Markets
    IPO, Mutual funds, Insurance basics
    Trading Vs Investing
    Stock Exchanges

B)  Advanced Trainings


    Derivatives basics
    Brief History
    Market participants
    Derivatives Markets
    Derivatives Exchanges
    Options (Attibutes, Types)
    Option Pricing model
    Contracts in India
    How are they traded
    Derivatives strategies


    Money management
    Risk management
    Time Management
    Trading basics and psychology
    Things to look out for
    Hands on guidance
    Trade on levels
    Live session training

Technical Analysis


     Support- Resistance

      Chart Patterns
      Moving Averages
    More advanced on demand

Fundamental Analysis


    P/E, EPS, and other ratios
    Advanced on demand

Special training and Workshop for US market:

    1)      Exchanges

    2)      ECNs

    3)      How to trade

    4)      Special strategies to trade thin volume stocks


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